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#31097 - 06/04/01 01:07 AM A Toast to "Absent Friends"
Scribbler Offline

Registered: 01/21/01
Posts: 86
Loc: Utopia, not in literal sense, ...
Having perforce been absent myself (owing to the exigencies and concerns of the Real World) for a week or more, I returned to review the news of this particular corner of the universe. As I did so, it occurred to me that there are many NEW contributors ( to whom I will, following the lead of others, add my personal, somewhat belated welcome.) It further occurred to me that there are many "old friends" from whom we have not heard in some time. I will not arrogate to self the right - or the duty! - of toasting all of such persons, but will initiate a "thread" ( my command of the idioms of this Forum is lamentable) to prompt any who may wish to do so to add to my list of such honored absentees. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF AWAD, PLEASE STAND AT YOUR KEYBOARDS, RAISE YOUR VIRTUAL CYBER-GLASSES (or should it be "cyber virtual-glasses?) TO TOAST TWO "ABSENT FRIENDS", "FATHER STEVE" AND "SHANKS". WE MISS YOUR WIT AND WISDOM, WE HOPE ALL IS WELL WITH YOU AND LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU IN THE COURSE OF TIME! (Add appropriate expressions of choice wishing good health, etc. to the honorees.)
Poster's note: 1) As I recall, our friend Shanks had advised that he was going to be incommunicado for a while. Any further news?
2) As for Father Steve, the last I heard was that he was planning "to have his nuptials vowed" (acting pro se, ex officio?) Of course, the HONEYMOON is never REALLY over, but the usual progression ( not one, I should have thought, for Father Steve) is a segue to a time of "Honey-do this" and "Honey-do that".
Gentlemen, we miss you.

#31098 - 06/04/01 01:47 AM Re: A Toast to "Absent Friends"

Welcome 'home', carus scribbler!! i trust your trip was relaxing.

I'd like to add, if i might, a couple of names to the list of those i miss:

jo(who's posted but once in the last month, IIRC)
bel(wasn't her move date June 1?? she told me about some strange thing in canada, where everyone moves on the same day. must be h*ll trying to book movers.)
marty (it's been *months* since we've heard from him)
hyla (yeah, yeah, new house, new baby on the way... but let's not forget your AWAD family, dear)

and of course, we miss CapK already (and when might we expect the next installment?? aren't the 2 days up yet??)

i'm quite certain i'm forgetting some folks....

#31099 - 06/04/01 09:57 AM Re: A Toast to "Absent Friends"
Bobyoungbalt Offline

Registered: 11/22/00
Posts: 1289
When last heard from, Shanks advised he was off to the U.S. Awaiting with great anticipation his return.

#31100 - 06/04/01 09:57 AM Re: A Toast to "Absent Friends"
Sparteye Offline

Registered: 01/05/01
Posts: 1773
And TEd too!

#31101 - 06/04/01 10:13 AM Re: A Toast to "Absent Friends"
wwh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 01/18/01
Posts: 13858
And dear Max Q has been regrettably silent.

#31102 - 06/04/01 11:33 AM Re: A Toast to "Absent Friends"
Hyla Offline

Registered: 12/14/00
Posts: 544
Loc: San Francisco, CA
Of Troy very kindly e-mailed me this thread. Thanks very much for the kind words, gang.

We moved this weekend - 15 friends showed up to help, I got a HUGE truck, and we did the entire move, from start to finish, in under 3 hours. It was great. I spent Saturday afternoon unpacking madly, and Saturday night in the new hot tub.

Baby's due two weeks from tomorrow, but we're expecting it to come a bit sooner - will keep y'all posted.

Hope to read some posts, and even post a bit, some time soon. At last count I was well over 1000 posts behind - when does one just decide that catching up is impossible?

#31103 - 06/04/01 08:33 PM Re: A Toast to "Absent Friends"
maverick Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 09/15/00
Posts: 4757
and sweet Nemo hasn't posted this week, I think.

and I am getting worried about tsuwm, several minutes have passed...

#31104 - 06/05/01 02:31 AM Re: A Toast to "Absent Friends"
doc_comfort Offline

Registered: 01/18/01
Posts: 618
Loc: Australia
Catching up is never impossible, at least that's what I tell myself. I still haven't started the 8303 Miscellany posts which are still marked unread....

Rapport was established superficially.

#31105 - 06/05/01 08:15 AM Re: A Toast to "Absent Friends"
Sparteye Offline

Registered: 01/05/01
Posts: 1773
I still haven't started the 8303 Miscellany posts which are still marked unread....

Too bad you can't find time to view them, since that's where all my witty, erudite bon mots* are posted. [in-case-you-were-wondering-where-I-hid-them emoticon]

* Per aenigma: Bonanza Motel

#31106 - 06/05/01 02:32 PM Re: A Toast to "Absent Friends"
Capital Kiwi Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 11/13/00
Posts: 3146
Loc: Northamptonshire, England
and sweet Nemo hasn't posted this week, I think.

I've heard it's a bitch getting here from Tol Eressea, specially in rush-hour elvish traffic ...

The idiot also known as Capfka ...

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