thank you to all who provided input. the recording was accomplished yesterday* and was worded with the results of your combined efforts (btw, tsuwm, they were particularly fond of your "welcome to [name]" idea, to replace the redundant "Thank you for calling [name]".

unfortunately, faldage, i wasn't able to incorporate your eruditions, but please don't hesistate to offer your assistance in the future .

i really appreciate the help of all who posted


*as an aside, when i finally arrived 35 minutes late, the phone tech gave no clue as to his preference for "you finally arrived" or "you've finally arrived", but i obviated his obligation to point out my rudeness by apologizing profusely as i rushed through the door with my three wee ones in tow (i didn't bother explaining that it was an interesting AWAD thread that kept me captivated for a bit too long )