I wholly agree. Alan Rickman in Die Hard 1 (even though he played an (East) German) and (the atrocious) Robin Hood. Jeremy Irons in Die Hard 3 and the astounding Reversal of Fortune (playing Germans in each one!!!!) and, of course, the aforementioned Scar.

Also Robert Carlyle in the last Bond film. He has a future in playing baddies.

The list is endless. I can't think of any plausible reason behind thsi line of thinking from Hollywood except that they are sick of terrorist arabs and scheming former-soviets. The old, technology conscious, English speaking, worldly-wise, finger -on-the-pulse, empire-loving, scheming, Brit anti-heros are everything they are looking for. They seem to be better actors, too!

Sad to see Liam leaving the flicks. He's returning to his roots in Irish theatre from this year so look out for him treading the boards in the Abbey or the Gate soon!