Suggested etymology for blag. Blaguer - to lie, from memory..via Tom Meakin

I did a little sleuthing after writing haul ass. I was suddenly interested in it's origins; I got The Straight Dope Which led me to...

"Haul-ass meaning to flee or depart in a hurry appears first in print in 1918. Haul tail appears about the same time in 1924.

Having your ashes hauled first appeared in 1906, and, indeed meant to get laid. Also getting your ashes dragged.

The haul ice is just crap."

So, I'm wondering how the heck having your ashes hauled turns into getting laid.

Yahoo: Getting Laid

Get Ones Ashes Hauled

...via Isabelle Oostvogels
"The first thing that came to my mind is the French word "blague"(f): histoire plaisante imaginée pour amuser ou pour tromper. (a funny made-up story for amusement or deception) (Larousse online)"

"hard boiled detective stories"...getting to the nitty-gritty

Disjointed at best, but I laid this one to rest.