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#2217 - 05/19/00 06:06 AM Re: IRE
jmh Offline

Registered: 03/22/00
Posts: 1981
To some extent we've all had a go at quenching a topic. As we've seen elsewhere, sometimes it works, sometimes not. People are all independent and decide whether to carry on a post or not. I think the point here might have been the extent to which it had strayed from the original subject. of course, I have never been guilty of such a thing! I've noticed that it really doesn't seem to matter too much anyway.

The problem with e-mail (especially as Anna describes this group) in slo-mo is that we can't gauge someone's reaction to our comment. In face to face communication we can always backtrack when you realise that you are going down like a lead balloon. In a couple of a cases here I have gone back and deleted postings shortly after I made them as I've later realised that I've missed the point. I've notice that others have similarly back-tracked.

I'm off away for a few days so I won't add any more. You'll be bored to death with me by now!


#2218 - 05/19/00 01:13 PM quenching topics
Philip Davis Offline

Registered: 04/03/00
Posts: 81
I'm a bit bemused by this idea "To some extent we've all had a go at quenching a topic".

If I find a topic has no interest for me or I can think of nothing to add I ignore it. There are other topics around which I can contribute to. This is not a pub where the noise from one discussion impinges on others. The only reason for wanting to quench a topic in a forum such as this, that I can see, is an attempt to exercise control, for it's own sake, over a discussion. However, I'm open to be enlightened if there is view as to why not ignoring a topic that has no interest for an individual is an appropriate response.

#2219 - 05/19/00 01:41 PM Post deleted by tsuwm
tsuwm Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 04/03/00
Posts: 10538
Loc: this too shall pass

#2220 - 05/19/00 02:37 PM Re: CROSS WORDS
David108 Offline

Registered: 05/09/00
Posts: 112
Loc: Auckland, New Zealand
Isn't it odd that a topic that started out as "crosswords" quickly deteriorated into cross words?

Come on, guys, there has to be some disparity, and thank goodness for that. Please let's enjoy the forum for what it is - a place to discuss and appreciate the fun of the language we use. Let's celebrate our differences, and learn from them and leave out the personal barbs.

Let's also accept that our levels of learning differ, and that there will be those whose use of language might not match the expectations of others.

I joined this forum for fun, learning and a means of communicating with others who share my interest in English. Ain't that what it's all about?

I think that the discussion should be closed. Anybody feel otherwise?

#2221 - 05/22/00 05:20 PM Re: batter
Rubrick Offline

Registered: 05/18/00
Posts: 679
Loc: Somewhere outside New York
Hi Philip,

Batter was the Victorian term for batsman in cricket. I haven't verified this but it can be found in the novel 'Flashman's Lady' by George MacDonald Fraser. A work of fiction that incorporates many factual, historical incidents.

#2222 - 05/22/00 05:31 PM Re: crossword puzzles
Rubrick Offline

Registered: 05/18/00
Posts: 679
Loc: Somewhere outside New York
Late in coming but the website www.ireland.com gives both the Simplex and the Crosaire (Irish for crossroads) crosswords in both printable and Java versions.

#2223 - 05/31/00 10:12 PM Re: other puzzles
screen Offline

Registered: 05/25/00
Posts: 37
Loc: Newcastle, Australia.
Although not a crossword puzzle, I've been having fun on the
http://www.m-w.com/game/ site. Kind of addictive

#2224 - 06/01/00 07:36 AM Re: other puzzles
Jackie Offline

Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 03/15/00
Posts: 11613
Loc: Louisville, Kentucky
Yes, screen!
I've been playing these games for some time now. Some are
better than others, but all are a fun way to learn some
new words! I also enjoy their 'words for the wise'.

#2225 - 06/04/00 07:31 AM Re: crossword puzzles
Bingley Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 04/09/00
Posts: 3065
Loc: Jakarta
If anyone wants a gentler introduction to cryptic crosswords than plunging into the newspaper ones (which by the way usually have easier ones on Mondays!), you might want to try http:// http://thinks.com/crosswords/cryptic/cryptic.htm which has simpler ones with both British and American references and a minimum of cricket, golf, and baseball references, any of which throw me into a bit of a tizz.


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