Mother Nature... her and that radioactive contamination... who knows... Had the head of a crocodile and the body of a duck. A gall-dern crocoduck!

Run off all the pretty Mallards I was feeding, and those butt-ugly white ones with wart-looking growths half the size of golf balls on their beaks.

Crocoduck waddled ashore. Coming for bread... or so I thought... not about to get my hand close to those chompers. So I chunked crocoduck a slice, but it wanted my boot and latched on.

Silly critter, like he, or she, who knows, could pull me in with those little duck-feet. Got a lot of funny looks walking home with crocoduck not turning loose.

Thought I'd put him on E-bay but ole crocoduck seems to like the backyard, likes the pool, eats about three fish a week.

Kinda taking a liking to the funny-looking little dude.