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#214071 - 01/27/14 11:31 AM Delay, or Just late?
LukeJavan8 Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Behind Schedule

Predictions from British journalist John Langdon-Davies’ A Short History of the Future, 1936:

“Democracy will be dead by 1950.”
“There will be no war in western Europe for the next five years (from 1935).”
“By 1960 work will be limited to three hours a day.”
“Abundant new raw materials will [by 1960] make food, clothing and other necessities universally obtainable.”
“By 1975 parents will have ceased to bring up their children in family units.”
“By 1975 sexual feeling and marriage will have nothing to do with one another.”
“Crime will be considered a disease after 1985 and will cease to exist by A.D. 2000.”
“The high-brow art of our day will have no future save as a historic curiosity, since it has sacrificed everything to a misguided individualism.”
“By A.D. 2000 every community will have adopted a planned birth-rate and population will be kept at a fixed level by state-controlled contraception, abortion and sterilization.”
“England will have a population one-tenth of its present size.”
“Large tracts of America will go back to the primeval wilderness.”
“Mankind, like the social insects, will be divided into four or five different sexual types and will forget the he and the she in the needs of physiological and social division of labour.”
“The present can have no meaning unless it is to be found in the future,” he wrote, “so that our happiness and our efficiency as thinking beings depends upon the clarity with which we see what the future holds.”
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#216938 - 06/06/14 04:13 PM Re: Delay, or Just late? [Re: LukeJavan8]
belMarduk Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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This reminds me of a show I saw in the '60s called "Here come the 70s" It was full of dire predictions on the future; we'd have overpopulation/overcrowding to the point that it would be impossible to walk in the streets without being physically touched on all sides, we'd all be wearing plain sheaths, we'd all be shaved bald to avoid lice.

I've no idea why the sheaths and bald heads were inevitable because of the overcrowding, but it seemed so.

Scared the bajeezus out of me. I wasn't 8 and was afraid of what was coming in a few years.

Once that didn't pan out, the producers made "Here come the 80s", but I was the in my teens, remembered that Here come the 70s was totally ridiculous, so never watched it to find out what new type of dire prediction they'd come up with.

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#217007 - 06/10/14 08:55 AM Re: Delay, or Just late? [Re: LukeJavan8]
Bazr Offline

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“By 1960 work will be limited to three hours a day.”

Obviously the Unions haven't been working hard enough!!
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