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#20438 - 02/28/01 02:11 PM Re: Describing your job

"Talk about your two-timer! Or is that 4/4?"

yes... and played very, very softly... as in pianissimo...

#20439 - 02/28/01 02:55 PM Re: Describing your job
of troy Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 10/17/00
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Loc: rego park
>>>>Didelphic penises?

(Since this thread is in the gutter any way-)

or maybe he was like a possum-- 1 penis that looks like 2? Split down the middle!

(how come i remember things like this, and forget important things?)

my other obsession

#20440 - 02/28/01 03:22 PM Bach
AnnaStrophic Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 03/15/00
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Loc: lower upstate New York
I'm just glad he remained well-tempered after writing all those Gross Concerts.

#20441 - 02/28/01 04:18 PM Re: Describing your job

that's a trivial pursuit question, you know.... one which of course provided much delight for my friends and me, since we were relatively young at the time it came out:

"What has a man that suffers from diphallic terata?"

(this is the part where you punsters reply "A good chance at scoring a date with siamese twins")

#20442 - 03/01/01 02:59 AM Re: Describing your job
Marianna Offline

Registered: 01/09/01
Posts: 427
Loc: Spain
When I was younger I wanted to be an aeroplane pilot, but I couldn't keep up.
Then I went for a job as a chauffeur, but it drove me nuts.
Eventually I tried to be a seamstress, but I wasn't cut for it.

#20443 - 03/01/01 03:28 AM Re: Describing your job
wsieber Online   content
old hand

Registered: 03/15/00
Posts: 1027
Loc: Switzerland
While we are at it.. the story may be old enough to be unknown:
On the stairs, Mrs. Smith proudly announces to her neighbor Mrs. Arkwright: "My husband has an electric organ!"
Upon which the neighbor wonders: "Ah.. does it light up at night?"

#20444 - 03/01/01 09:59 AM Re: Describing your job
wwh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 01/18/01
Posts: 13858
At least the neighbor did not ask where he plugged it in.

#20445 - 03/01/01 02:45 PM Re: Bach
Bobyoungbalt Offline

Registered: 11/22/00
Posts: 1289
Seriously, I'm delighted the thread took this little detour onto old JS. His birthday is this month, so here's a tribute to him. He was not always the sober, religious Lutheran director musices that he appears to be, although his sons used to refer to him as "the old wig". He actually was fond of a good rollicking party, which was always held whenever he got together with his very extensive family of cousins and in-laws, besides all those kids. Actually, due to the usual rate of infant mortality in those days, quite a few died as children, so there were not always a platoon running around the house. His first wife, Barbara, died after giving birth to the first 6; the second, Anna Magdalena, was made of sterner stuff and bore 13, for a total of 19, not 18.

Being an organist myself, I can attest that his sense of humor extended to his music. You find little musical jokes hidden in the music from time to time. But his biggest joke was the way he wrote. I have spent countless hours over many years on the organ bench cussing the old wretch because I know very well that when he wrote a lot of those pieces, he said to himself, "Well let's see one of those other guys play this!"

#20446 - 03/01/01 07:00 PM Re: Bach
AnnaStrophic Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 03/15/00
Posts: 6511
Loc: lower upstate New York
Thank you, Bob, for that tribute. And lest we forget! A moment, please, to venerate the last and least of his offspring, PDQ Bach, whose recently-recovered* works include: Blaues Gras (hi Faldage!) - the Bluegrass Cantata , Breakfast Antiphonies, and my personal favorite, Iphigenia In Brooklyn.


#20447 - 03/02/01 03:27 AM Re: Describing your job
Bridget Offline

Registered: 06/27/00
Posts: 444
Loc: Sydney Australia
I thought I'd enjoy being a seamstress, but it was just sew-sew.
I tried acting for a while, but I felt my career lacked direction.
Now, things are looking up at last. I'm an astronomer!

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