I thought this might be more appropriately posted in the "Non-Words Topics" thread, but since the format seems to be sketchy for some of us, i figured i'd risk posting here.

I've made oblique references in posts before to a game called "Acrophobia", which can be found at http://www.flipside.com, and it occurs to me that some of you with time on your hands might enjoy giving it a try. The object of the game is to make clever and/or witty acronyms relating to a randomly chosen topic from 3-7 letters which are also generated randomly. Depending on which room you find yourself in, it can be a lot of fun. (I strongly recommend against the 20-somethings room unless you're prepared to acro only about roadkill, condoms or margaritas; my personal favorite is 50-plus, b/c it's a great group of people, but there's tons of rooms available and i certainly haven't tried them all.)

if anyone checks it out, let me know what you think