...has any really come down on Daleh at all?

*******I'm sorry Helen but any what

******By the way, Admin, I'd be indebted to your good offices if you'd let this thread stand for at least a couple of days because in my boundless narcissism I imagine a few others with a more liberal sense of humor like Porc, mel, Bran, and even eta, and several more might find it witty if not definitive

have his posts been deleted? (only 1 to my knowledge)

*****Don't remember that one but I'm sure you were quite justified

has he been banned (even just for 24 hours?) from making posts?

****No and that is a remarkable thing. Of the six boards of this sort, I have been banned permanently from three and temporary from two, leaving only WS at the moment and another even more liberal board that I don't believe I'm supposed to identify

*****Once banned for using the term "Leftpond" to refer to the U.S., another for using "Bush" and "Muslim" in the same sentence somewhat sarcastically. I apologized and edited the post accordingly but that didn't deter them; excluded however for only 3 months

*****for which I am grateful because at present that's the only other one of the six in which I may participate

On still another a member who for some reason didn't like me (ah, so many) accused me of persiflage. I subsequently looked it up and decided that was an excellent Type-2 Word and so as to better establish it in my vocabulary resolved to use it whenever I found an application

***********However, when I did so use it, in the very same board, and referring exclusively to myself as guilty of the practice, I was accused by its Admin of using an obscure word not permitted in their protocol and threatened with banishment if I used it again

has he been warned he will be be banned?

***********No and that too is remarkable. I was justly banned from a third such board, one of my favorites, for OT behavior but for only a month and hope to return as in other respects they too are extremely liberal of OT, persiflage, etc

no, no, no.

*****Indeed no

has he made it clear he KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING?

****Of course not since I'm not sure I do; but aren't you sorry as I am that Bill has placed the Caps Lock key right adjacent the Shift

(in spite of his claims of "senility"

****Mere persiflage, no offense intended, sorry about that

and his mocking claims of "OH, i must be terrible"?

yes. at this point, it's pretty clear, Dale is low level troll who is, like a two year old, has no sense of boundaries or polite behavior.

*******Ah yes alas alack. But you will notice in thousands of posts to a half-dozen sites I have never insulted anyone

********But I am devastated by such sardonic adamance as I had considered myself a most high-level troll

and he thinks himself too clever by half.


He finds a nice place, and isn't happy till he has proved he can make it it mess.

*********Not really so nice, as I have implied. While WS is the next more liberal of the two that are left, the other one is far more tolerant of OT and not so overwhelmed with animadversion, vituperation, and disparagement

(and then pats himself on the back and tell himself "what a good job I've done)

******Coincidentally last night in bed I experienced upon my back an itchy spot. Now, there is a backscratcher on the headboard but to gain access would have required my rolling over and so I just tried to ignore it and go back to sleep...

**********...what a poor job I did

and eventually, he will be banned here, just has he has been banned else where.

********I do regret that that could happen; so incidentally what is the usual practice, would it be permanent or would I be given another chance to redeem myself...

*********...but in any case in my intractable egotism I can't resist pointing out it would be your loss not mine

*****Thank you for all the delightful hours on WS and if worst comes to worst hope to see (most) all of you again