Yep, I think everyone has contributed some good points here. It's about balance, parental involvement and so on ~ or to suggest a more fundamental outlook, it's perhaps about taking active decisions? I have never had a problem with my kids playing a range of computer games; otoh, they do not have 3 different kinds of consoles like some of their compadres. I still thank my parents for influencing my attitude to being harvested by the TV industry: when I was 8 they finally acceded to us kids demanding to be (like Jackie's) part of our peer group, but they demanded that we actively schedule our viewing, booking a maximum number of hours a week.

The figures came out for the UK today; everyone living in Scotland and the North East average 28 hours' television per week.

And it ain't mind-broadening documentaries they're watching, bel. Their brains are being sucked out and replaced with advertising.