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#153775 - 01/15/06 04:35 AM Re: Quick! Without checking a dictonary. Vote !
iamkimjoochang Offline

Registered: 01/13/06
Posts: 12
wow ^^ this word is difficult. When I think about it, it hurts even now. It makes me so hard! my head hurts!!!! ^^;; maybe becos' I don't understand dictionary an exact statement or description of the nature!!!! . the environment here is very lettered!
I feel heavy... Don't get me wrong... I feel light... and I have to practice makes perfect!!!
~goodnite ^O^;;;;; (doing yawn!)

#153776 - 01/15/06 08:53 AM Re: Quick! Without checking a dictonary. Vote !
Faldage Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/01/00
Posts: 13803

NO [X]

No, but I might could of picked it out of a list of daffynitions. I'll go look it up now.

I'll parboly not remember it and would most likely use a periphrase next time the concept comes up

#153777 - 01/15/06 09:20 AM Re: Quick! Without checking a dictonary. Vote !
of troy Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 10/17/00
Posts: 5400
Loc: rego park

now i am going to read other comments.(and yours in white)
my other obsession

#153778 - 01/15/06 10:15 AM Re: Quick! Without checking a dictonary. Vote !
AnnaStrophic Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 03/15/00
Posts: 6511
Loc: lower upstate New York
No, I'd never heard it before but I know the word aliquota in Portuguese. I'll now read up to see whether it and the English word are real cognates or false friends.

#153779 - 01/15/06 01:02 PM preliminary returns
wofahulicodoc Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 08/06/01
Posts: 6929
Loc: Worcester, MA
...so far make it seven yes, one maybe yes, and four no.

Does that conform to or refute expectations?

#153780 - 01/15/06 02:03 PM Re: preliminary returns
themilum Offline

Registered: 05/25/02
Posts: 1529
Loc: Aladamnbama the most watered s...
Gee whiz, Wofadoc, did you help count the votes down in Florida?

I count (6) "yes" votes, and (6) "no" votes (including my "no" vote that I haven't yet voted) along with (1) vote that was thrown out for being indefinate.

The polls will remain open until a tie-breaking vote is cast.
Then we will see if Bill Buckley is more word-worthy than the voting majority here on Awad.

Tic tic tic...

#153781 - 01/15/06 03:23 PM Re: preliminary returns
musick Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/24/00
Posts: 2661
Loc: Chicago
Since I no longer am expected to have any knowledge, in the future you can just assume "no" until I *care otherwise.

jimmy (just say no) obvious

#153782 - 01/15/06 03:34 PM Re: Quick! Without checking a dictonary. Vote !
inselpeter Offline

Registered: 03/14/01
Posts: 2379
Loc: New York City
Alright, well I've seen it a bunch, and I think I did once bother to look it up. But it would seem did not bother to remember it, and I was content to believe it was something I'd once seen written in association with the weight of a can of over-cooked peas; on a not entirely unrelated note, I wonder if Mr. Buckley is thumb-indexed.

Edited by inselpeter (01/15/06 03:35 PM)

#153783 - 01/15/06 03:53 PM Re: Quick! Without checking a dictonary. Vote !
Buffalo Shrdlu Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 06/24/02
Posts: 7210
Loc: Vermont
> Mr. Buckley

by jiminy!
formerly known as etaoin...

#153784 - 01/15/06 07:05 PM Re: Quick! Without checking a dictonary. Vote !
belMarduk Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 09/28/00
Posts: 2891
No, I don't know what it means either.

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