Keyboard Health Hazards
Financial Times, August 4, 2005

If, a couple of days ago, someone had asked me whether I would prefer to eat a salad served from (a) the salad counter in the Financial Times staff canteen, (b) my computer keyboard or (c) a toilet seat in the gents’ loos on the first floor, I would, of course, have replied (a). But now my answer would be (c). And the man to blame is one Richard Samarasinghe, national sales director for Techclean, a company that cleans information technology equipment.
“This thing measures something called adenosine triphosphate,” he began, pointing at a computer. “ATP is the universal energy molecule found in all animal, plant, bacterial, yeast and mould cells. The higher the reading, which is measured in relative light units, the more contaminated the area. Let’s take some samples to see just how dirty your IT equipment is.”