Beware, there are ROB beries.
Here are some of the ROBberies i am aware of.

Where in, a person (lets call the person ROB) make a post—and makes an objectionable (rude, vulgar or name calling, or what ever) comment in the post.

When it is objected to, ROB goes back and edits the post, removing the objectionable content. The current software used by this BB doesn’t automatically note an edit, and Rob make no mention of his edit. But he does make a later post and question—“What are you talking about? “

The idea is to create the illusion that other posters are picking on ROB-- for no reason at all.—Rob tries to create the illusion we are crazy and object to ROB’s post for no reason at all.

This is a process of ‘introducing’ a topic (ostensible a word topic) but—the opening post is really just a ploy for opening a topic on ‘the decrepitude of modern culture.” or some other ideology that ROB holds dear. And in case you are not familiar with the current state of decrepitude, or what every else is being objected to, don’t worry, ROB will supple an endless collection of post and links on the subject. (and will continue the subject in several threads, in several forum at the same time.)

Any attempt at a serious discussion of the original topic is drowned out.

Inhouse advertising
This is a process of creating links (from one forum to another) that further ROB’s discussion of the decrepitude of modern culture or what every his pet peeve of the moment is. If you get stuck in a quagmire of one discussion of drivel, you are directed to another—this is very similar to P.T. Bailey’s hoax of this way to the egress!

Power Posting
Is a process where ROB posts, and posts, and posts; proposing rhetorical questions, and then answering them, and then disagreeing with his own answers.

Some times ROB will jump in and post a WAG and opine, (in spite of the information his has cut and pasted in the same post from an another source) that red is really blue. or some such other nonsense.

ROB ignores any one who questions his assertions.
Well, on his good days he does. On his bad days, he claims everyone, or a group of people are picking on him. (Yes, to ROB, a question is a form of assault.)

Of course most of these tatics have fancy rhetorical names.. (and I am sure some one jump in and give them proper names.)

But it becomes interesting reading if you look for ROBberies. (and identify them as you go along.)
EDIT-an other ROBbery!

Waiting for the Jury
ROB is always waiting for the jury to decide thing. (no one comdemnation, or even a dozen, is enough for him) he want ever person who ever registered at AWAD to weigh in..

Not that it matters, what ever "the jury" decides, he will in his most lawerly fashion OBJECT and call for a new trial.--or he claim the 'court' of his peers has no juristiction.

It seem almost civil to call for a judgement, but really it just another ploy used to be arguementive.


The Best Defence is to be Offensive
ROB alternate complains (loudly, frequently repeatedly) that media is composed of Drivel.. and he proofs his point by posting huge chunks of text that seem to have nothing to do with anything. Object, and he claim YOU do the same--and that you are part of some sort of conspiritcy against him. --want proof of the conspiricy? --well look people are agreeing with you and are also complaining about him.

No that not they are the jury he invited to weigh in-- rather, anything said to counter ROB's robberies is a conspiricy. It is all orchrastrated by a cabal of high minded people who want to discuss words.. IMAGINE the nerve? to think we too have a say in how this place is run. Why ROB knows.. he is dictator around here!
ROb'ed again!