"Cavalli was a logical choice to make over the bunny. The designer has built his brand by offering flamboyant glam-rock styles that often feature more flesh than fabric."

Cavalli to update the bunny costume
The new look, yet to be created, will be worn at a Playboy Club scheduled to open next year in Las Vegas.
STYLE & CULTURE, LA Times, July 8, 2005


"Lauren Hutton and Deborah Harry worked as bunnies before finding success as a model and singer, respectively. Gloria Steinem wore the uniform for three weeks, then wrote about her experiences as a cottontail, and Barbara Walters went undercover in bunny ears and tail as well. About 25,000 women have worn the costume, which was the first commercial uniform to be registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office."
"Animal prints are a constant in his [Cavalli's]collections zebra and leopard motifs, usually, but his affinity for creatures of the wild should make him feel right at home designing for women dressed as rabbits."


Will Paris debut the bunny?

From a marketing point of view, it's got Paris written all over it. :)