Maybe iPodders [if that's what they're called] are plugged into something good, after all. [The "alpha wave state"]

Powered by Music
LA Times, June 27, 2005

"Visualization, deep breathing and listening to music are all techniques used to bolster alpha waves. Athletes in an alpha wave state are charged up, but not so much that performance is marred or that exhaustion hits long before crossing the finish line.

Music can be a continuous stimulus to get the alpha waves rolling, helping the athlete (and the weekend warrior) induce a state of higher concentration, minimizing pain and distraction. When the body is in peak condition and the mind is in a state of calm focus, records can be broken, holes shot under par and tennis serves aced.

BTW the iPod has created the "Kleenex effect".

"... iPod maker Apple has followed a masterful marketing strategy. First it created a winning product for a hot and hungry market where price doesn't seem to be a barrier. It was a spectacular success - capturing 30-per-cent market share in 2004 and harnessing the "Kleenex effect" - where consumers now see iPod as synonymous for portable digital music player."