We have set up a new word forum for kids -- Wordcraftjr: http://s2.forumforfree.com/?mforum=wordcraftjr

If you know of kids who are interested in words and language, please send them our way. It is a very new forum, at this point, with only 19 registered members. So far there hasn't been a lot of interaction, but with time that will change.

We are hoping for some cross-cultural interactions, as 2 of the administrators are from the U.S. and 2 are from the U.K. The teacher who started the forum is from England, as is our computer guru who set it up. We have an American children's librarian who is trying to get libraries across the U.S. interested, and I am the representative from the wordcraft adult language board.

Because these are kids, we feel very responsible for keeping this a reputable board. We have posted safety tips for the kids and rules for them. So far one kid from Manchester already signed in with a 4-letter gutter word as his name, and our administrator from England quickly picked it up, changed his name to "Luck," and wrote the kid a note telling him our rules. We do give the kids another chance, but if trouble continues, they will be banned.

If you know of kids who would be interested, send them our way! Don't hesitate to send me a PM here with suggestions or comments. Thanks!