My teacher gives me the following two pictures about which I am required to write a composition:
In the first picture, a flower is flourishing inside a green house. In the other one, however, the flower is withered for the green house is ripped open.
Following is my work.
In the first of the two pictures we see that a flower is flourishing in a green house. In the second one, however, the flower has become withered since the green house is ripped open, perhaps because of a gale.
The pictures tell us that though a flower can thrive in a green house, it will shrivel once without the green house. So at the first sight the flower looks beautiful, itís very frail in nature. The beauty is de facto not from the flower, but given by the extrinsic factors. Thus itís not a true beauty and will not last long.
Few wise persons will appreciate such beauty for it cannot endure and will soon fade. But in our society many persons donít see this clearly any more when it comes to their own issues. Many parents, with the wish their children grow robustly, indulge their children too much instead of having[have] their children develop their own ability. Maybe their children are in good shape under[with] their parentsí shelter, they would go awry once they go into society, for they are weak at the bottom of their heart.
ďGive me a fish and I will eat today; Teach me to fish and I will eat for a lifetime.Ē Now that we see a flower in bloom by virtue of the green house will not endure the environmental change, we must have our children experience many things themselves, too. Only in this way can they develop their own ability and be strong in essence so as to thrive in the future.

Iím learning English. If u find anywhere I can improve my composition, Pls do let me know. Bow.

Do inform me if you see any corrections needed in my written English.