Date: Wed Dec 25 01:20:06 EST 2002
Subject: A.Word.A.Day--idoneous
idoneous (i-DO-nee-uhs) adjective, also idonaeous

Appropriate, suitable, fit.

[From Latin idoneus (fit).]

"A friend in Wyoming received a fund-raising flier from the Cheyenne
Civic Center. It began, `Kudos is an idoneous name for the Cheyenne
Civic Center's 1991-92 season.'"
James J. Kilpatrick, The Vast Weltanschauung of Word Wavelengths,
The Chicago Sun-Times, Feb 9, 1992.

I have a question for Mr. Kilpatrick: to borrow an anciet
quip, can he prove his Weltanschauung is not half-vast?
The Weld was vast when men knew only the earth. Is the adjective "vast" necessary?