I encountered name 'Jubal' and looked it up:
Jubal -
Jubilee, music, Lamech's second son by Adah, of the line of Cain. He was the inventor of "the harp" (Heb. kinnor, properly "lyre") and "the organ" (Heb. 'ugab, properly "mouth-organ" or Pan's pipe), Genesis 4:21.


NOUN: 1a. A specially celebrated anniversary, especially a 50th anniversary. b. The celebration of such an anniversary. 2. A season or an occasion of joyful celebration. 3. Jubilation; rejoicing. 4. often Jubilee Bible In the Hebrew Scriptures, a year of rest to be observed by the Israelites every 50th year, during which slaves were to be set free, alienated property restored to the former owners, and the lands left untilled. 5. often Jubilee Roman Catholic Church A year during which plenary indulgence may be obtained by the performance of certain pious acts.
ETYMOLOGY: Middle English jubile, from Old French, from Late Latin ibilaeus, the Jewish year of jubilee, alteration (influenced by ibilre, to raise a shout of joy) of Greek iblaios, from iblos, from Hebrew ybl, ram, ram's horn, jubilee. See ybl in Appendix II.