You may wonder why I posted this word here. Scroll down.
Date: Wed May 10 00:20:18 EDT 1995
Subject: A.Word.A.Day--footling
foot.ling \-lin_e\ adj

In obstetrics "single footling breech" is no joke. My wife
elected to have home delivery of our second child, She would not get onto the waist high surgical table we had until she was unable to do so, and one foot was in view.
And her doctor could not be found. I delivered the second foot, only to discover that the cord was around the neck.
And with the very low bed she was on, I could not make the movements necessary to deliver the head. At the last possible moment her doctor arrived, and with his help I
could deliver the head and unwind the cord from the neck.

So "footling" brings back grim memories to me.