Date: Fri Feb 5 00:04:26 EST 1999
Subject: A.Word.A.Day--brasserie
brasserie (bras-uh-REE, bras-REE) noun

A restaurant serving alcoholic beverages, especially beer, as well as food.

[French, from brasser, to malt, brew, from Old French bracier, from Vulgar Latin *braciare, from Latin brace, malt, of Celtic origin.]

What was the most popular command in Brit Navy?
"Splice the main brace!" From the Internet:
Certainly in long,long use in the Royal Navy. Probably from the issue of an extra ration of rum for those who managed the difficult task to actually 'splice the mainbrace', the brace attached to the main yard of sailing ships. The term is still in current use, although the braces are long gone on Navy ships.