A thread I can't find now, discussed "ozena = very bad smell". Another cognate might be "ozone":

Source: The Collins English Dictionary 2000 HarperCollins Publishers:

ozone ['əʊzəʊn, əʊ'zəʊn]
1 a colourless gas with a chlorine-like odour, formed by an electric discharge in oxygen: a strong oxidizing agent, used in bleaching, sterilizing water, purifying air, etc. Formula: O3; density: 2.14 kg/m3; melting pt.: --192C; boiling pt.: --110.51
Technical name: trioxygen

2 (informal)
clean bracing air, as found at the seaside
[ETYMOLOGY: 19th Century: from German ozon, from Greek: smell]
ozonic [əʊ'zɒnk]
'ozonous adjective