"If you give me your word of honour as a nobleman and a gentleman that nobody but I has been drinking my whiskey, I'll accept your statement."

This remark, translated literally into the crudest French, sounded very funny, and the lady at the comptoir could not help laughing."

Nom masculin

(a) (in a shop, café) counter; ~ de vente sales counter; ~ traditionnel delicatessen; produit au ~ traditionnel delicatessen product; produit au ~ self-service off-the-shelf product, pre-packaged product;
(b) (in a bar) bar; prendre sa consommation au ~ to drink at the bar; garçon de ~ barman, bartender
(c) (in hotel reception, airport) desk; ~ d'enregistrement check-in desk; ~ de réception reception desk
(d) (Finance) bank; bank branch; ~ d'escompte discount house
(e) marketing syndicate, cartel