O.Henry is describing a room in a rich man's ranch house, including mounted deer heads, plus a "javeli" which apparently should have been "javelina".

He led McGuire into the east room. The floor was bare and clean. White curtains waved in the gulf breeze through the open windows. A big willow rocker, two straight chairs, a long table covered with newspapers, pipes, tobacco, spurs, and cartridges stood in the centre. Some well-mounted heads of deer and one of an enormous black javeli projected from the walls. A wide, cool cot-bed stood in a corner. Nueces County people regarded this guest chamber as fit for a prince. McGuire showed his eyeteeth at it. He took out his nickel and spun it up to the ceiling."

n : dark gray peccary with an indistinct white collar; of semi
desert areas of Mexico and southwestern United States
[syn: collared peccary, Tayassu angulatus, Tayassu
tajacu, Peccari angulatus]