"Thus did Cripples unconsciously become a master of the
ceremonies between them, and bring them more naturally together
than Beau Nash might have done if they had lived in his golden
days, and he had alighted from his coach and six for the purpose."

Richard 'Beau' Nash
1674 -- 1762

A dandy, born in Swansea, SC Wales. He studied at Oxford, held a commission in the army, and in 1693 entered the Middle Temple.

He then made a shifty living by gambling, but in 1704 became master of ceremonies at Bath, where he conducted the public balls with a splendour never before witnessed.

His reforms in manners, his influence in improving the streets and buildings, and his leadership in fashion helped to transform Bath into a fashionable holiday centre.

He maintained his luxurious mode of living by gambling until gaming was forbidden in 1745, and although he died a pauper, he was buried in pomp in Bath Abbey