Little Nell is listening to her grandfather talk to a couple gypsies who have inveigled him into gambling with them. One of the is named Jowl.
It occurred to me to wonder about etymology of "jowl".
jowl1 [dʒaʊl]
1 the jaw, esp. the lower one

2 [often pl] a cheek, esp. a prominent one

3 cheek by jowl
See: cheek [7]
[ETYMOLOGY: Old English ceafl jaw; related to Middle High German kivel, Old Norse kjaptr]
jowled adjective

jowl2 [dʒaʊl]
1 fatty flesh hanging from the lower jaw

2 a similar fleshy part in animals, such as the wattle of a fowl or the dewlap of a bull
[ETYMOLOGY: Old English ceole throat; compare Old High German kela]