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#116090 - 12/14/03 08:03 PM Re: since1985, no less!
Buffalo Shrdlu Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 06/24/02
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Loc: Vermont
the gas flame of your parents?

formerly known as etaoin...

#116091 - 12/14/03 08:07 PM In the immortal words of Major Hoople...
wofahulicodoc Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Loc: Worcester, MA
"Fap! (sputter)"

#116092 - 01/07/04 11:34 AM Re: since1985, no less!
maverick Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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From Bill's original link, positing another variant of phreaking of converging IP phone systems:

Cooper thinks it could be taken further. He said he believes it's possible to plant a Melissa-type virus into a phone system, causing messages to be sent out to everyone else who is listed in your speed dial, or perhaps to everyone in your office. He also thinks that voicemail could be sent as a .wav attachment to your email address list.

"We have all seen the power of VBS scripts lately. A script can easily be written to exploit all of the functionality of these converging technologies."

Cooper also said he wonders if an attack could be mounted by leaving a carefully constructed voice message in someone's voicemail box, "then phreak/hacking the voicemail box to propagate the message to everyone's voicemail box in the local PBX, then have each IP phone automatically place a call to a 1-800 service number, where the message would prompt through an automated answering system -- sort of a phoneBot, you know ... 'Say or press 1' -- and essentially create a denial-of-service attack against a call center."

"Again, this is possible, but not plausible," Valiant said. "Why would you bother? No one would...."

D'uh! Ifn you have the wits to do that, all you gotta do is set up a chargeable number in say Honduras, get all the phones in the hijacked system calling it, and retire to somewhere with no extradition laws... That's the trouble with techies, no market savvy! :)

#116093 - 01/08/04 05:29 PM Re: since1985, no less!
musick Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/24/00
Posts: 2661
Loc: Chicago
...He also thinks that voicemail could be sent as a .wav attachment to your email address list.

I do it now! Who needs a phone?

Why would an IP phone run VBS anyway??? [eg]

#116094 - 01/14/04 06:36 PM Re: phreaking
jheem Offline

Registered: 01/06/04
Posts: 1475
Loc: California
Yes, phone phreaking was where Steve Jobs got his start in life. Then he graduated to stealing intellectual property from Xerox, and the rest is history.

While I am no fan of Mr Jobs. Apple did go to the trouble of licensing the technology in question from Xerox. The real crime was that Xerox gave it away for a pitance. Anyway, the more talented of the Steves, (i.e, Woz) built the blue boxes. Jobs sold them in the dorms at Cal.

#116095 - 01/15/04 03:55 PM Re: phreaking
Capfka Offline

Registered: 06/28/02
Posts: 1624
Loc: Utter Placebo, Planet Reebok
Yes, you're right, of course. Apple did. Eventually.

#116096 - 01/15/04 04:04 PM Re: phreaking
wwh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 01/18/01
Posts: 13858
Too bad Woz isn't what he usta woz.

#116097 - 01/19/04 11:01 AM Re: phreaking
Wordwind Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 09/30/01
Posts: 6296
Loc: Piedmont Region of Virginia, U...
I knew a detective once who said he had equipment he could set up one block from anyone's house and detect what was being written on a computer. This has been about four years ago. He said that the only way he would not be able to detect whatever information he wanted to access was if the structure enclosing the room with the computer was made of some special kind of material. This detecting process was one he used regularly.

#116098 - 01/19/04 11:45 AM Re: phreaking
wwh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 01/18/01
Posts: 13858
Dear WW: I posted a while back about commercial espionage,
in which emissions of monitor through a window could be
used to learn a competitor's secrets. The article I read said that effective curtains on windows were sufficient

From the Internet:
"Across the darkened street, a windowless van is parked. Inside, an antenna is pointed out through a fiberglass panel. It's aimed at an office window on the third floor. As the CEO works on a word processing document, outlining his strategy for a hostile take-over of a competitor, he never knows what appears on his monitor is being captured, displayed, and recorded in the van below."

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