Mr. Pickwick has been arrested to compel him to pay the costs of the judgment against him when he was covicted of breach of promise of marriage. His lawyer uses an abbreviation for the arrest warrant, calling it a "ca-sa".
I think the "ca" stands for "capite". But what does the\
"sa" stand for?

"'Aha, my dear sir,' said the little man, 'nailed at last, eh? Come, come, I'm not sorry for it either, because now you'll see the absurdity of this conduct. I've noted down the amount of the taxed costs and damages for which the ca-sa was issued, and we had better settle at once and lose no time. Namby is come home by this time, I dare say. What say you, my dear sir? Shall I draw a cheque, or will you?' The little man rubbed his hands with affected cheerfulness as he said this, but glancing at Mr. Pickwick's countenance, could not forbear at the same time casting a desponding look towards Sam Weller. "