"Sam's remarks as a high compliment. 'Very
much so indeed. Do you do anything in this way, Sir?' inquired
the tall footman, producing a small snuff-box with a fox's head
on the top of it.

'Not without sneezing,' replied Sam.

'Why, it IS difficult, sir, I confess,' said the tall footman. 'It
may be done by degrees, Sir. Coffee is the best practice. I carried
coffee, Sir, for a long time. It looks very like rappee, sir.'"

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Definition: \Rap*pee"\, n. [F. r[^a]p['e], fr. r[^a]per to grate, to
rasp. See {Rasp}, v.]
A pungent kind of snuff made from the darker and ranker kinds
of tobacco leaves.