"The Doctor with his learned legs, and Mrs. Blimber in a lilac bonnet, and Mr. Feeder, B.A., with his [blong knucklesnd his bristly head of hair, and Mr. Feeder's brother, the Reverend Alfred Feeder, M.A., who was to perform the ceremony, were all assembled in the drawing-room, and Cornelia with her orange-flowers and bridesmaids had just come down, and looked, as of old, a little squeezed in appearance, but very charming, when the door opened, and the weak-eyed young man, in a loud voice, made the following proclamation:"

The prominence of the dorsal aspect of a joint of a finger, especially of one of the joints connecting the fingers to the hand.

If the knuckle is a joint, how in hell can there be such a thing as a "long joint"?