"Why the devil! A horse is mortal; suppose mine had had the glanders or the farcy?

These are two very contagious and troublesome diseases of horses, quite common at the time of the story.

5ME farsine < OFr farcin < ML farcina (for LL farciminum) < L farcimen, a sausage < farcire, to stuff6 a chronic form of glanders characterized by skin ulcers and swollen lymph vessels

5OFr glandres < L glandulae, swollen glands in the neck, pl. of glandula: see GLAND16 [with sing. v.] a contagious, chronic or acute disease of horses, mules, etc. characterized by fever, swollen lymph nodes, ulcerous nodules on the skin, inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes, etc.: it is caused by bacteria (Pseudomonas mallei) and is transmitted to certain other animals and humans: see FARCY