Meteorol. an optical phenomenon, usually occurring in polar regions, in which the snow-covered ground blends into a uniformly white sky blotting out shadows, clouds, horizon, etc. and destroying all sense of depth, direction, or distance
Also, and obsolete white paint for covering up typographical errors, permitting correction

1 a mixture of lime, whiting, size, water, etc., for whitening walls, etc.
2 a cosmetic formerly used for making the skin fair
3 a) a glossing over or concealing of faults or defects in an effort to exonerate or give the appearance of soundness b) something said or done for this purpose
>4 [Colloq.] Sports a defeat in which the loser scores no points
1 to cover with whitewash
2 to gloss over or conceal the faults or defects of; give a favorable interpretation of or a falsely virtuous appearance to
>3 [Colloq.] Sports to defeat (an opponent) soundly
whitewashed, whither, whitsunday, whizgig, whopper, widespread,

wiesenboden - a term for a black soil in some meadows

wight 1
5ME wiht < OE, akin to Ger wicht, creature, Goth waihts, thing < IE base *wekti3, thing > OSlav vett$, thing6
1 [Obs.] a living being; creature
2 [Archaic] a human being; person: now sometimes used in a patronizing or commiserating sense

wight 2
5ME wihte < ON vigt, neut. of vigr, skilled in arms, akin to OE wigan, to fight: for IE base see VICTOR6 [Now Chiefly Dial.] strong, brisk, active, brave, etc.

wilkite - an adherent to, or the policies of, John Wilkes, a British politician and reformer who supporte the American, and is memorialized in name of Wilkes-Barre, PA Isaac Barré also supported the Americans.

wildebeest $38
pl. 3beests# or 3beest# 5Afrik < Du wild, wild + beeste, beast6 GNU
pl. gnus or gnu 5Fr gnou < Xhosa ngu6 either of two large African antelopes (genus Connochaetes) with an oxlike head, horns that curve forward, and a horselike mane and tail; wildebeest

wiles, wily, winced, windchill, windjammer, windup, wink, winkle, winnable, winnow, winterfeed,

winterim - a coinage referring to short programs to be available during winter holidays

winterize, wisecrack, wistful, witchery, witching

5LME wetewold, formed, based on cokewold (see CUCKOLD) < witen, to know: see WIT26 [Archaic] a man who knows of his wife‘s adultery and tolerates it

wolfishly, wombat, wood, woodcock