volunteered, voluptuate, voluptuousness, votary, votive, vouvray = a variety of wine, vowelless, vulgarity, vying, waffles, wafflestomper = hiking boot with heavy rubber cleats, waft, waftage, wager, waiver, wake,

wallydraigle Date: 1508
chiefly Scottish : a feeble, imperfectly developed, or slovenly creature

wampumpeag - strings of colored round perforated shell, used as currency by Massachusetts Indians

wangle, wardrobe, wares, warily,

warmouth - a freshwater fish, a bass with large mouth and teeth

warrant, wary, washout - Old Lysol theme song, the Love Bugíll get you if you donít washout!
5ME, earlier w+s h+il < ON ves heill, lit., be hale, be hearty (replacing OE wes hal, lit., be whole)6
1 a salutation formerly given in drinking the health of a person, as at a festivity
2 the spiced ale or other liquor with which such healths were drunk
3 a celebration with much drinking, esp. at Christmastime; carousal
1 to drink wassails
2 [Brit.] to go caroling from house to house at Christmastime
to drink to the health or prosperity of
wastebasket, waster, waterborne, watermark, watermelon