trafficker, tragic, tragicomedy,

pl. 3gi# 73jj#8 5LL < Gr tragos, hairy part of the ear, lit., goat: see TRAGEDY6 the fleshy, cartilaginous protrusion at the front of the external ear, partly extending over the opening of the ear

traineau - a horse drawn sledge for use on snow covered raods

5< L trajectus, pp. of trajicere, to throw or fling over or across < tra3 (see TRANS3) + jacere, to throw: see JET16 [Now Rare] to transmit or transport
tranchet - knife

transcription, transcutaneous,

transenna - from Forthright’s Phrontistery = screen enclosing a shrine

transfixed, transgressor,

tramsilience - Forthright gives “transilient as “leaping across” But don’t jump from this to “consilience”
A recent book by E. O. Wilson, Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge

transitory, translate, translucence, transmitted, transparent, transport, transposable, transtracheal, trapdoor
trapeze, trapezoid, traumatic, traverse, trawl, treadle, treasonable, trecemtist, trembling, tremorn mm

trepan - I’d like to trepan the troglodyte who trumped up these treasures