5THERMO3 + 3TROPISM6 Biol. any positive, or negative, movement or growth of a plant or sessile animal toward, or away from, a source of heat
ther[mo[trop[ic 70%r#mb tr9p4ik8
the[ta 70at4!, 0ct$38
5Gr thcta: of Sem orig., akin to Heb tet6 name of the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet (&, `, _)

pl. 3gies 5LL(Ec) theurgia, a summoning of spirits < LGr(Ec) theourgia < theourgos, divine worker < Gr theos, god (see THEO3) + ergon, WORK6
1 an occurrence or accomplishment or a sequence of these, esp. when remarkable or extraordinary, viewed as effected by supernatural or divine agency
5THI3 + AZINE6 any of a group of heterocyclic compounds whose molecules contain one atom of nitrogen, one atom of sulfur, and four atoms of carbon, arranged in a ring

thievery, thingummy,

thixotropy pc8
5< Gr thixis, touching (< thinganein, to touch: see THIGMOTAXIS) + 3O3 + 3TROPY6 the property of certain gels and emulsions of becoming fluid when agitated and then setting again when left at rest
thix#o[trop$ic 73b tr9p4ik, 3! tr9p$38

Thomism - a theological theory deriving from St. Thomas Aquinas

thonnier - apparently an eponym, a family name

thoracostomy - preliminary of chest surgery

5ModL: so named (1829) by BERZELIUS, its discoverer < ON Thorr (see THOR) + 3IUM6 a rare, grayish, radioactive chemical element occurring in monazite and thorite: it is used in magnesium alloys, the making of gas mantles, electronic equipment, etc., and as a nuclear fuel: symbol, Th; at. wt., 232.038; at. no., 90; sp. gr., 11.7; melt. pt., 1,750UC; boil. pt., c. 4,800UC

those, thousandth, thread, thrice, thrive, throbbed, throes,
throttlebottom - a jeering coinage to characterize a pompous politician
throwaway, thrummed
5ModL: so named (1886) by L. de Boisbaudran (see GADOLINIUM) < prec. (from which it was isolated by Cleve in 1879) + 3IUM6 a bright, silvery chemical element of the rare-earth metals: symbol, Tm; at. wt., 168.934; at. no., 69; sp. gr., 9.33; melt. pt., 1,545UC; boil. pt., 1,970UC
5Hindi Phagj: see prec.6 murder and robbery as formerly practiced by the thugs of India

thunbscrew, thunder, thunderclap, thundering,

5ModL < L thus (see prec.) + ferre, BEAR16 an acolyte or altar boy who carries a thurible

5ME thoryble < L thuribulum < thus (gen. thuris), frankincense < Gr thyos, incense < thyein: see THYME6 CENSER
The thruible was badly needed, because the congregation stunk so turrible.

thurification - application of the above

Thyestean banquet
5in allusion to the Greek tale that after Thyestes seduced Atreus‘ wife, Atreus murdered Thyestes‘ sons and served them to him at a feast6 a banquet at which human flesh is served

tickle, tidewaiter,

tidology - the study of tides

tidy, tierer, tiers, tiger

tigereye - a semi-precious stone used in enexpensive jewelry