5ModL synchronismus < Gr synchronismos < synchronos: see fol.6
1 the fact or state of being synchronous; simultaneous occurrence
2 a chronological, usually tabular, listing of persons or events in history, showing synchronous existence or occurrence
synchronistic, synchronize,

a modified cyclotron in which the frequency of the accelerating voltage is modulated to take into account the increase in the relativistic mass of the particle as it reaches high energies

Synclastic, A surface on which the Gaussian curvature K is everywhere positive
Don’t ask me what that means.

sychretic - characterized by or brought about by the reconciliation of or union of conflicting beliefs

synergize - exhibit cooperative action

5ME, altered (after LL) < OE sinoth < LL(Ec) synodus < LGr(Ec) synodos, church synod < Gr, a meeting, lit., a coming together < syn3, together + hodos, way: see 3ODE16
1 an ecclesiastical council; specif.,
a) R.C.Ch. a regional or international meeting of bishops; also, a meeting of diocesan priests, the diocesan bishop presiding b) Eastern Orthodox Ch. HOLY SYNOD
2 a high governing body in certain Christian churches; specif., a) a Presbyterian governing body ranking between the general assembly and presbytery b) a national or district organization of Lutheran or certain other Protestant churches
3 a district governed or represented by a Protestant synod
4 any assembly or council
syn4od[al 73! d!l8

synonym, synonymic, synonymical

pl. 3ses 73scz8 5LL < Gr < syn3, together + opsis, a seeing, visual image < bps, EYE6 a statement giving a brief, general review or condensation; summary

5ModL synopticus < Gr synoptikos6
1 of or constituting a synopsis; presenting a general view or summary
2 [often S3] giving an account from the same point of view: said of the first three Gospels, as distinguished from the fourth
3 Meteorol. presenting or involving data on weather and atmospheric conditions over a wide area at a given time !a synoptic chart" Also syn[op4ti[cal
5Fr syntaxe < LL syntaxis < Gr < syntassein, to join, put together < syn3, together + tassein, to arrange: see TAXIS6
1 orig., orderly or systematic arrangement
2 Gram., Linguis. a) the arrangement of and relationships among words, phrases, and clauses forming sentences; sentence structure b) the study of this
3 Comput.

Syntality is the ability to harness the techniques that allow you to take every day information and store it straight into you're long term memory!

pl. 3ses# 73scz#8 5Gr < syn3, together + tithenai, to place, DO16
1 the putting together of parts or elements so as to form a whole
2 a whole made up of parts or elements put together
3 Chem. the formation of a complex compound by the combining of two or more simpler compounds, elements, or radicals
4 Philos. in Hegelian philosophy, the unified whole in which opposites (thesis and antithesis) are reconciled
syntrophism - mutual dependence, as in the lichens symbiotic with certain algae, each providing the other with essential nutrients

Synusia is a grouping, within one layer of a community, of species characterized by similar life forms and similar ecological requirements

syrphus fly
5ModL Syrphus < Gr syrphos, gnat6 any of a family (Syrphidae) of dipterous flies, many of which mimic bees or wasps: the adults feed on nectar and pollen, and the larvae of various species feed on plant lice, plants, etc. Also syr4phid 73fid8


SYLLABICATION: sys·sar·co·sis
NOUN: Inflected forms: pl. sys·sar·co·ses (-sz)
The union or attachment of bones, such as the hyoid bone and lower jaw, by means of muscle.
ETYMOLOGY: Greek sussarksis, state of being overgrown with flesh, from sussarkousthai, to be overgrown with flesh : sun-, syn- + sarkousthai, passive of sarkoun, to make fleshy (from sarx, sark-, flesh).

5ModL < Gr systolc < systellein, to draw together: see SYSTALTIC6 the usual rhythmic contraction of the heart, esp. of the ventricles, following each dilatation (diastole), during which the blood is driven onward from the chambers: opposed to DIASTOLE
sys[tol[ic 7sis t9l4ik8
adj. also systantic

system, systematic, tabasco (sauce for your mountain oysters) tablets,
tachistoscope = an apparatus for the brief exposure of visual stimuli in the study of
learning, attention, and perception

tachyarrhythmia a rapid irregularity

tachycardia - a rapid hear rate - mon coeur se leve a ton voix

tachygrapher - a rapid writer
tacker, taffy Taffy is a Welshman….Hi, maverick