stagecraft, stagehand,

5STAG(NATION) + (IN)FLATION6 [Colloq.] an economic condition marked by a continuing inflation together with a decline in business activity and an increase in unemployment

name for ARISTOTLE: with the from the name of Macedonian city where he was born, Stagira

n. resident canon; law student.


stalactite tjt#8
5ModL stalactites < Gr stalaktos, trickling or dropping < stalassein, to let fall drop by drop: see STALE26 an icicle-shaped, secondary mineral deposit that hangs from the roof of a cave and is formed by the evaporation of dripping water that is full of minerals
stal[ac[tit[ic 7stal#!k tit4ik8
stalagmites are similar shaped, but much shorter, built up from below. As mnemonic , the “lact” means “milk” from breasts, which hang down

5Ger < sta(mm)lag(er) < stamm, a base, lit., STEM1 + lager, a camp: see LAIR6 a German prisoner-of-war camp, esp. in World War II

5obs. stale, stalemate < ME < OFr estal, fixed location, safe place < Gmc, as in OHG stal (see STALL1) + MATE26
1 Chess any situation in which it is impossible for one of the players to move without placing his or her king in check: it results in a draw
2 any unresolved situation in which further action is impossible or useless; deadlock; draw
3mat#ed, 3mat#ing to bring into a stalemate

staleness, stallion, standstill, staphylococci

5< Gr staphylc, bunch of grapes6 combining form
1 uvula !staphylorrhaphy"
2 grapelike !staphylococcus" Also, before a vowel, staphyl3

Pathological Myopia and Posterior Staphyloma. Posterior staphyloma in degenerative myopia. Signs and symptoms: Physiological myopia ...

starer, starling, starry,

stasis s8
pl. 3ses# 73scz#8 5ModL < Gr, a standing < histanai, to STAND6
1 a) a stoppage of the flow of some fluid in the body, as of blood b) reduced peristalsis of the intestines resulting in the retention of feces
2 a state of equilibrium, balance, or stagnancy

stash - a concealed supply, probably based on “cache”

statolatry - a coinage, an exaggerated valuation of a form of government
“he said, by power gathered entirely in a centralized leadership structure acting in the name of Marxism-Leninism but actually displaying a form of statolatry. ...

stauroscope. A type of polariscope used to determine the direction of light polarization in a crystal for accurate measurement of angles of extinction.

stave, steadfast, steamroller (ain’t none today, all diesel) steed, steely, stegosaurian,

Stelliferous means "filled with stars

stellify - a fan listing collective

stench. stenography,

stenophagous - eating a very limited variety of foods

5ModL < Gr stenbsis: see STENO3 & 3OSIS6Med. a narrowing, or constriction, of a passage, duct, opening, etc.
ste[not$ic 73n9t4ik8