5ME, altered < MFr, resine, RESIN6 the hard, brittle resin, light-yellow to almost black in color, remaining after oil of turpentine has been distilled from crude turpentine or obtained from chemically treated pine stumps: it is used in making varnish, inks, soaps, insulation, etc., and is rubbed on violin bows to prevent slipping on the strings, or on the hands to prevent slipping on gymnastic equipment, etc.
to rub with rosin
In colonial days an important export was “naval stores” meaning among other things the tar vital to
waterproofing caulking on sailing ships. In outskirts of New Bedford there is still Tarkiln Road.
Citizens of North Carolina used to be called “Tarheels” because at one time so many of them were engaged in this trade.
The spelling bee word was “rosinweed”. Never heard of it. It took a bit of searching, but I finally found reason for its name:
“Like other Silphium spp., Rosinweed has a fragrant resin while in flower, which was chewed as gum by Amerindian children. “ It is grown mostly because birds like the seeds. The flowere look like yellow daisy.

rosturlar - like a bird’s beak

rotary, rotorcraft,
rottweiler - a dog breed notorious for killing children. Story about that just last night.

roughrider, roughshod, roulade, roundlet,

roundsters - marble game plays with privilege of shooting from any place on ring

rouse, rousseauism, roustabout, router, routine, routineer, royally,

roubasse - I could find no definition. Used in many sites with foreign language, maybe Portuguese

rubbish, rubbishly, ribellite (probably a mineral), rubidium (an elelement),

rubricated = printed in red to stand out from rest of text


rucervine. a. pertaining to or like Indian swamp deer.

rudd - a variety of wine

ruddy, rudiments, rueful, ruffian, rugged, ruinous, rumbustious = rambunctious = boisterous = unruly

rummage, runesmith, rung, runway, rupee, rupture Carolyn cried copiously creeping crapulent crud