Lutz - a figure skating jump

5< ModL lycanthropus < Gr lykanthrbpos < lykos, WOLF + anthrbpos, a man: see ANTHROPO36 WEREWOLF

5L lympha, spring water, altered (infl. by Gr nymphc: see NYMPH) OL limpa, lumpa, orig. < ? Gr nymphc6
1 orig., a spring of clear water
2 a clear, yellowish fluid resembling blood plasma, found in intercellular spaces and in the lymphatic vessels of vertebrates
3 any of various colorless liquids similar to this; esp., the clear liquid given off from inflamed body tissues

lyn[ce[an 7lin sc4!n8
5< L lynceus (< Gr lynkeios < lynx, LYNX) + 3AN6 [Rare] of or like a lynx; esp., having the keenness of sight attributed to the lynx
There was a popular belief in Gallileo's time that lynxes could see througjh a stone wall. So a small group of highly educated me formed a Society of Lynxes,
to which Gallileo belonged. I found a site which says Pope Urban VIII ahd been a
member, which made Gallileo think he was safe to publish his heretical views.

5< LYNCH LAW6 to murder (an accused person) by mob action and without lawful trial, as by hanging
Lynch law began on the frontier, ikn the days before the legal system was sufficiently developed to deal with bands of criminals. When it began, it was justified by the circumstances. But later it was horribly
"Lynch Law," says the Virgina Lancet, "as known by that appellation,
had its origin in 1780 in a combination of citizens of Pittsylvania County,
Virginia, entered into for the purpose of suppressing a trained band of
horse-thieves and counterfeiters whose well concocted schemes had
bidden defiance to the ordinary laws of the land, and whose success
encouraged and emboldened them in their outrages upon the community.
Col. Wm. Lynch drafted the constitution for this combination of citizens, and hence 'Lynch Law' has ever since been the name given to the summary infliction of punishment by private and unauthorized citizens."

BLACK GROUSE (Lyrurus tetrix)


1 Chinese territory under Portuguese administration forming an enclave in Guangdong Province, SE China: it consists of a peninsula & two small adjacent islands at the mouth of the Zhu River, west of Hong Kong: 6 sq. mi. (16 sq. km); pop. 343,000
2 its capital, a seaport coextensive with the peninsula: Port. sp. Ma[cau
Mac[a[nese 7mak#! ncz$8, pl. 3nese$,
5Fr macaron < It maccaroni, MACARONI6 a small, chewy cookie made chiefly of egg white, crushed almonds or coconut, and sugar