All of the words posted here are from the Scripps-Howard spelling bee
List: Words appearing infrequently. 180 pages in all. Here is URL if you
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lox - space age slang for liquid oxygen, as used in propulsion system of rockets

lucarne - dormer window

luciform - of, relating to, or having the charactersitics of light
lucifugous - avoiding light, e.g. owls

5Fr < dial. (esp. in Savoy and Switzerland), prob. ult. < Gaul6 a racing sled on which the rider lies face up
luged, luge4ing to race with such a sled

Lucretian - comparable to exquisitely luxurious banquest hosted by
(born Titus Lucretius Carus) c. 963c. 55 B.C.; Rom. poet & Epicurean philosopher

lumbago - the well known pain in lower back

lumbriciform - resembling common earthworm The early bird gets the worm.
Not incentive to me to be early.

luminarism - the pressing concern with painters a hundred years ago with usage
of light and shadow.

luminophor - an agent carrying light

lumpen - Today's Word recently - the absolute bottom of social totem pole.

lupine - resembling a wolf in some way. Pretty flowers of the name very un-wolflike.

5< ModL lupulus, the hop (dim. of L lupus, hop plant, apparently identical to lupus, WOLF) + 3IN16 a bitter resinous powder obtained from the strobiles of hops, formerly used in medicine as a sedative

us[tral 7lus4tr!l8
5L lustralis < lustrum, LUSTRUM6
1 of, used in, or connected with ceremonial purification
2 [Rare] of a lustrum, or five-year period