“Anglo-Foreign Words”
Walter Penney of Greenbelt, Md., offered this poser in the August 1969 issue of Word Ways: The Journal of Recreational Linguistics. Below are five groups of English words. Each group appears also in a foreign language. What are the languages?

aloud, angel, hark, inner, lover, room, taken, wig
alas, atlas, into, manner, pore, tie, vain, valve
ail, ballot, enter, four, lent, lit, mire, taller
banjo, chosen, hippo, pure, same, share, tempo, tendon
ago, cur, dare, fur, limes, mane, probe, undo

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Dutch: aloud — very old, angel — sting, hark — rake, inner — collector, lover — foliage, room — cream, taken — jobs, wig — wedge
Finnish: alas — down, atlas — satin, into — enthusiasm, manner — mainland, pore — bubble, tie — road, vain — only, valve — awake
French: ail — garlic, ballot — bumpkin, enter — to graft, four — oven, lent — slow, lit — bed, mire — gun sight, teller — to send out roots
Japanese: banjo — sovereign, chosen — challenge, hippo — style of calligraphy, pure — pulley, same — shark, share — witticism, tempo — supplement, tendon — bowl of rice and fish
Latin: ago — I act, cur — why, dare — to give, fur — thief, limes — boundary, mane — early in the morning, probe — thoroughly, undo — wave

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