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EXURBITANT - a former city-dweller wofahulicodoc 03/31/23 05:12 PM

PRONUNCIATION: (ig-ZOR-bi-tuhnt)

MEANING: adjective: Greatly exceeding what’s considered reasonable, especially in cost or price.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin exorbitare (to go out of the track), from ex- (out) + orbita (wheel track), from orbis (circle, disk). Earliest documented use: 1460.

EXTORBITANT - due under penalty of dire consequences for failure to comply

HEXORBITANT - a six-cornered path around the sun

EXO-RABIT-ANT - outside Bugs Bunny's mother's sister
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for seeing the small picture wofahulicodoc 03/31/23 04:27 PM

I --> O

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Instant fame A C Bowden 03/25/23 01:54 AM
Tutankhamun (if you
Stress the last syllable)
Caused a sensation on
Being revealed;

Ace Howard Carter was
Hailed by the press as a
Star in his field.
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