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GOB'S POUND - what English sailors get paid in wofahulicodoc 02/23/24 05:42 PM


MEANING: noun:
1. Prison.
2. Difficulty.
3. Entanglement.

ETYMOLOGY: From lob (a bumpkin, lout) + pound (enclosure). Earliest documented use: 1597.

LAB'S POUND - animal shelter that admits only Labrador Retrievers

LOB'S POND - fishing hole out in the country

LOEB'S POUND - one-man show about the modernist American poet, commissioned by the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, MA
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PAN-OPTION - Choice E: "All of the above" wofahulicodoc 02/23/24 02:02 AM

PRONUNCIATION: (pan-OP-ti-kon, puh-NAHP-ti-kahn)

MEANING: noun:
1. A circular prison with a watchtower in the center so that any inmate can be observed from a single point.
2. A place marked by constant surveillance.

ETYMOLOGY: The design of such a prison was proposed by the utilitarian and philosopher Jeremy Bentham in 1787. From Greek pan (all) + optikon (sight, seeing). Earliest documented use: 1787.

ANOPTICON - a magnifying device with no lenses in it (per Isaac Asimov)

PA? NO PAT ICON - when the states each selected a logo, Pennsylvania couldn't decide what theirs should be

PAIN-OPTICON - my hearing aids hurt my ears
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CARABOOSE - raindear wofahulicodoc 02/21/24 07:15 PM


MEANING: noun: A prison.

ETYMOLOGY: From Louisiana French calabouse, from Spanish calabozo (dungeon), from Latin calafodium, from fodere (to dig). Earliest documented use: 1797. Another Spanish word for a prison that has become part of the English language is hoosegow.

CA. LA BOSE - high quality speakers made near Louisiana

CALLABOOSE - the lily display was rudely heckled

CA. LAB OOZE - my place in UCLA just synthesized Slime
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GULAR - pertaining to a shore bird wofahulicodoc 02/21/24 04:39 AM


MEANING: noun:
1. The system of forced labor camps in the former Soviet Union.
2. Any prison or forced labor camp, especially one for political prisoners.
3. A place of great hardship.

ETYMOLOGY: From Russian Gulag, acronym from Glavnoe Upravlenie ispravitel’no-trudovykh LAGerei (Chief Administration for Corrective Labor Camps). Earliest documented use: 1946.

G. SLAG - seventh on a list of by-products of the production of iron from ore

GAUL A.G. - the Attorney General of ancient France

GUY-LAG - men can take a little longer to understand things sometimes
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BRINEWELL - a source of salt water wofahulicodoc 02/21/24 04:28 AM


MEANING: noun: A prison.

ETYMOLOGY: Originally it was a well, named for St. Bride (or Brigid) in London. The name St. Bride’s Well became Bridewell. Over time, the site has served as a church, a palace, an orphanage, a hospital, and finally, gained notoriety as a prison. Earliest documented use: 1583.

BRIDGEWELL - what you have to play to be a Life Master

RIDEWELL - desirable quality for a horse at a Dude Ranch

BRIDE WEILL - generic way to refer to Lotte Lenya immediately after she married Kurt
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