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PSYCHOPHOBIA- fear of scary horror movies wofahulicodoc 07/13/24 04:09 PM

PRONUNCIATION: (sy-kruh-FO-bee-uh)

MEANING: noun: An abnormal fear of cold.

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek psychro- (cold) + -phobia (fear). Earliest documented use: 1727.

PSYCHROPHONIA - the noise made by very cold ice as it shrinks further

PSYCHROPROBIA - micro-mapping the temperature gradients in vessels of liquid helium

POSY-CHRO-PHOBIA - fear of bright-colored flowers
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PALACER - member of the Royal household wofahulicodoc 07/12/24 01:57 AM

PRONUNCIATION: (for 1 & 2: PLAS-uhr, for 3 & 4: PLAY-suhr)

MEANING: noun:
1. A deposit of valuable minerals found in sand or gravel.
2. A place where such a deposit is washed to extract the valuable minerals.
3. One who finishes in a particular place in a contest.
4. One who arranges something.

ETYMOLOGY: For 1 & 2: From Spanish placer (sandbank), from Catalan placer (shoal), from Latin platea (street), from Greek plateia hodos (broad street). Earliest documented use: 1829.
For 3 & 4: From place, from Latin platea (street), from Greek plateia hodos (broad street). Earliest documented use: 1578.

UPLACER - one who fastens footwear firmly on the feet

POL-ACER - a Canadian (maple-leaf) politician

P.R. ACER - one who pulls off a public-relations riumph
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SERENNIAL - consistently calm and unruffled wofahulicodoc 07/10/24 06:37 PM


MEANING: noun: An event occurring every six years.
adjective: Happening every six years; lasting for or relating to six years.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin sex (six) + annus (year). Earliest documented use: 1646.

HEXENNIAL - like a six-carbon unsaturated hydrocarbon with a low flash point

SELENNIAL - moonstruck

SEXENONIAL - characterized by fifteens, like the game of cribbage
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PETROMANIA - panic on the oil markets wofahulicodoc 07/09/24 02:55 PM

PRONUNCIATION: (met-ruh-MAY-nee-uh)

MEANING: noun: A mania for writing poetry.

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek metro- (measure, meter) + -mania (excessive enthusiasm or craze). Earliest documented use: 1791.

METROMANIC - giddy over riding on the subway

MELT ROMANIA - what will happen in Bucharest if global warming continues unabated

METEROMANIA - the parking-limit enforcers are going crazy
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ADULT RATE - full price wofahulicodoc 07/08/24 04:37 PM


MEANING: verb tr.: To add a cheaper or inferior substance to something.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin adulterare (to corrupt), from ad- (toward) + alter (other). Earliest documented use: 1526.

ADULTER AGE - how old you have to be to buy alcohol or tobacco products (usually 18 but may vary by state)

ADULTERITE - what people consider you a grown-up after you do it

ADULATE RATE - speed at which flattering remarks issue from your obsequious mouth
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