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…he asserted stoutly wofahulicodoc 10/02/23 05:26 AM

A.—> S

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Re: Clerihews A C Bowden 10/01/23 11:47 PM
Clerihews on Greek philosophy

The ancient Stoics
Said "There's no need for heroics.
Clear thinking and self-control
Will best sustain your body and soul".

If Aristotle
Had seen a Klein bottle,
He might have linked its strange topology
To something sublime in theology.

Parmenides said
That change is an illusion inside our head.
When pressed to explain the illusion,
He showed considerable confusion.

The Pre-Socratics taught
That the earth was flat, as they truly thought.
But the later Greek sages
Worked out the truth in a few simple stages.
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TOWER OF ABEL:wrecker who removed Abel's stuck car wofahulicodoc 09/30/23 12:05 AM


1. A scene of noise or confusion.
2. An ambitious or impractical plan.

ETYMOLOGY: From Hebrew Babhel (Babylon). According to the Bible, at one time everyone on Earth spoke the same language (though earlier it says that they spoke different languages). When people got together to build a city with a tower that reached the heavens, God was not happy and halted the project by confounding their speech, making them unable to understand one another. Earliest documented use: 1718.

TOWER OF BABE - 714 home runs, which stood for years until topped by Aaron

TOWEL OF BABEL - for when you've worked up a sweat trying to understand other people's language

TOPER OF BABEL - little-known fact that the calamity of Babel came because they drank too much to understand each other
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Undignified end A C Bowden 09/23/23 01:32 AM
When it came to the solemn transmission
Of the corpse to its resting position,
We had to traverse
Rough fields with the hearse,
Which arrived in a battered condition.

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