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Re: Clerihews A C Bowden 03/20/23 05:05 AM
In Germania's wooded regions
In AD 9 three Roman legions
Were destroyed by Arminius (or Hermann),
And that's why the folks there now speak German.

Alan Turing
Found computer science alluring.
He outshone all the smart professors
Who were his colleagues or successors.

If Garibaldi and Mazzini
Had foreseen Benito Mussolini,
They might have had some hesitation
In pursuing Italian unification.
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Perfume Number Five wofahulicodoc 03/19/23 01:38 AM

U --> H

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FLU NATION - we take shots so we won't become one wofahulicodoc 03/19/23 01:33 AM


noun: The time between two new moons, about 29 and a half days. A lunar month.

From Latin luna (moon). Earliest documented use: 1398.

LUNATHON - watching the moon continuously from new one moon to the next one

LANATION - Miss Lane is jealous of Miss Lang and so officially changes her name

U-NATION - the country formerly known as Burma (re-named in honor of the former U N Secretary General)
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MISS EX-TILE - last year's beauty contest winner wofahulicodoc 03/19/23 01:18 AM


MEANING: adjective: Relating to the leap year or the extra day in a leap year.
noun: Leap year.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin bisextilis annus (leap year), from Latin bissextus (Feb 29: leap day), from bi- (two) + sextus (sixth), from the fact that the sixth day before the Calends of March (Feb 24) appeared twice every leap year. Earliest documented use: 1398.

BISSEL TILE - bathroom flooring you can clean with a carpet sweeper

BISS EXILE - the villainous Mr Biss has been expelled from the country

BI-SEXTILE - tertile (a third part)
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SATURN ALIEN - a visitor from the ringed planet wofahulicodoc 03/19/23 01:06 AM

PRONUNCIATION: (sat-uhr-NAY-lee-uhn)

MEANING: adjective: Marked by unrestrained revelry, overindulgence, licentiousness, etc.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin Saturnalia (relating to Saturn). In ancient Rome, Saturnalia was a festival organized in honor of the Roman god Saturn who also gave his name to the planet Saturn. Earliest documented use: 1621.

SATURDALIAN - pertaining to the seventh day of the week

SAT URINAL, IAN - Listen, Mr F, I figured out how Bond can empty his bladder on the Moonrakers!

SATURN, ALLAN - NASA used it to launch several early space vehicles, Mr Dulles
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ADDERATION - hatching snake eggs wofahulicodoc 03/19/23 12:51 AM

PRONUNCIATION: (ay-di-RAY-shuhn)

MEANING: noun: The act of giving a monetary value to something.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin adaerare (to calculate or estimate), from ad- (to, toward) + aes (copper, brass). Earliest documented use: 1623.

ADORATION - The act of giving a value in gold to something.

ADAGERATION - citing an old folksy saying that overstates its moral

ALE RATION - a reward for soldiers, analogous to a ration of grog in the Navy
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