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diriment (DIR-uh-ment) adjective


[From diriment-em, present participle of dirimere (to separate or interrupt), from emere (to take). Ultimately from Indo-European root em- (to take or distribute) that is also the source of words such as example, sample, assume, consume, prompt, ransom, vintage, and redeem.]

"Arguably, sometime Illinois senatorial candidate Jack Ryan is a cad. One might even contend that he is a dummy. However, neither of these characteristics have ever been a diriment impediment to service in the United States Senate." Andrew Greeley; Will Voters Reject the Media Feeding Frenzy?; Chicago Sun Times; Jul 2, 2004.

"Thus are we able to report that the Bishop of London's hamster has shuffled off the treadmill, that there is a lively correspondence over whether Worzel Gummidge may lawfully marry Aunt Sally ('surely there are two diriment impediments to such a union')." Mike Amos; John North - In Search of Kate Adie; Northern Echo (Darlington, UK); Sep 27, 2001.


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