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Dec 3, 2004
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with Anu Garg


(tog) Pronunciation RealAudio

noun: 1. A coat. 2. Togs: Clothes.

verb tr.: To dress up for a particular occasion or activity.

From shortening of earlier cant togeman, from Latin toga (toga), ultimately from Indo-European root (s)teg- (to cover) that's also the ancestor of other words such as thatch, deck, tile, and detect.

Tog is also the unit of thermal insulation of clothing. Another such unit is clo (shortening of clothes).

"Malkin, 47, allows the new arrival a minute to gaze in awe at his collection, eyes adjusting to its psychedelic glamour. Togging out the office like this 'may be a bit over the top' but was in part a reaction to moving to the new place, which lacks the human proportions and lawn views of the old law building on the main campus."
Wendy Tuohy; The Colourful Arm of the Law; The Age (Melbourne, Australia); Nov 15, 2004;

"We wore our best surfing togs: light blue Levi cords, Pendleton shirts, Converse sneakers."
Tim Ryan; Big Waves, Big Screen; Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Hawaii); Oct 24, 2004.

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