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Jun 5, 2004
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Loanwords from French

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dernier cri
au naturel

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with Anu Garg


(ahn-TAHNT) Pronunciation

1. A friendly understanding or agreement between two or more parties, governments, etc.
2. The parties to such an agreement.

[From French entente (understanding), from Old French entente (intent), past participle of entendre (to understand, intend), from Latin intendere, from in- (toward) + tendere (to stretch). Other words derived from the same Latin root are attend, extend, pretend, tense, and tender.]

NOTES: The year 2004 marks the hundredth anniversary of the Entente Cordiale, the agreement signed between the UK and France in 1904, ending centuries of hostilities.

"Now that America's GOP and India's BJP-led government are enjoying a new entente exactly 20 years later, this echo seems entirely appropriate."
Reshmi R Dasgupta; Feel-good Theme Has a Global Trail; The Economic Times (New Delhi, India); Feb 29, 2004.

"Responding to speculation about a potential post-election entente between the Conservatives and the separatist Bloc Quebecois, Harper lashed out Wednesday at similar talk of a Liberal-NDP deal."
Bruce Cheadle; Stronach, Clement Stump in Final Bid to Woo Support; London Free Press (Canada); Mar 19, 2004.

See more usage examples of entente in Vocabulary.com's dictionary.


A person is never happy except at the price of some ignorance. -Anatole France, novelist, essayist, Nobel laureate (1844-1924)

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