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duopoly (doo-OP-uh-lee, dyoo-) noun

A market, political, or other situation where the control is in the hands of two persons or groups.

[From duo- (two) + -poly, patterned after monopoly.]

"Deena Mehta says that a duopoly is excellent from the investor's perspective for it keeps both exchanges on their toes. She argues, `Competition always brings the best out of concerns in this country for service till recently was taken for granted.'" The Battle of the Bourses, Business India, Jun 26, 2000.

"Jennifer Capriati politely denies the popular notion that she alone can break the duopoly of the Williams sisters in this year's championships." Paul Weaver, Tennis: Wimbledon : Capriati Most Likely to Upstage Sister Act: Serena and Venus Williams Loom in the Semis and Final, The Guardian (London), Jun 25, 2002.

This week's theme: words related to buying and selling.


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